Welcome to Our Church!

We think you'll find us a bit different from your 'average' church, and hopefully you'll like that.

We'll have some contemporary Praise & Worship, then a quick coffee break and fellowship followed by the message and any announcements.

We'll start promptly at 10AM and be done no later than 11:30AM (probably closer to ll:15).

Dress is casual (or, if you want to dress up, that's okay too).

Handling your problems

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Being a small church with limited finances tends to make things challenging at times, however, this causes us to be more frugal with what we do have. Consequently we've found a great worship projection program that's FREE. It's called Easy Slides and offers almost all of the bells and whistles that the expensive programs do.

And, while there are some free worship backgrounds out there, we found so many we simply couldn't afford. Then we hit the mother lode; Rob Packer Photography offers free worship backgrounds & wallpaper of his incredible Australian landscapes free.

What a blessing these to resources are to us. We are sincerely thankful and pray God will bless them.

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